Have you ever felt like just putting the old violin to the band saw, an axe to the piano, or simply turning a half-sized fiddle into a cockroach? If you are like most musicians, you hit the highs and the lows on a fairly regular basis. Having a hobby is a great way to get away from the frustrations of practice and performance anxiety. Chopping up old cello parts, piano carcasses and other found wooden objects does it for me! There is an attempt here to give an aleatoric quality to many of these pieces. Through moveable parts, hinges and shadows, new views and meaning can be spontaneously arranged.

Why all the boxes, you might ask? We all need a box. In fact, in our lives, we all need many boxes. A box to live in, to sleep in, a box to make music with (in some of our cases), and finally a box to get buried in! Boxes decorate our lives and at the same time help conceal all the messy, private loose ends of our existence. One might even say that "life IS a box."

It is important to note that none of the instruments here were harmed in the creation of this work, and that all the instruments were in miserable to unplayable condition long before I ever got my hands on them. In recycling these materials, they are hopefully given a chance to sing again.